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 Ulpan Voucher Program Registration

Are you eligible for the Ulpan Voucher and want to register?

This pre-registration does not commit you to anything. It will allow our advisers to have more details on your preferences, your availability and to better adapt to your profile. After analysis of your file, we will contact you to explain the rest of the procedure.

Following this pre-registration, you will receive a Hebrew test.
You will have to send an email to your adviser from the Ministry of Absorption in order to receive your “voucher”

You don’t know who your adviser from the Ministry of Absorption is? Do not hesitate to contact us; we will help you in your administrative procedures.

Are you interested in arranging an Ulpan?

Leave us your contact details and one of our English-speaking advisors will call you to answer all your questions.

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Ulpan Online

Oulpan Online Registration

Pre-register by contacting our advisors at 058-778-0397. Do not hesitate to consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our teachers have been specially trained to make the best use of the various tools offered by online courses.
Their learning method adapts perfectly to this new digital format.
During this ulpan, you will have the opportunity to deal with several subjects on different media specially designed by our teaching team.

Following this pre-registration, take a level test to start your lessons in the class that suits you best.

In addition to the online course, I will have access to:

  • Online support
  • Class recordings
  • A WhatsApp group where your teacher can summarize the important concepts. importantes.

Super effective teachers
and an excellent method!


Oulpan Online Programme

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